Sweet Potato Ocarinas


High quality, accurately tuned and pitched, Sweet Potato Ocarinas for the beginner or professional musician.

9-Hole, American Style Ocarinas

9-hole ocarinas are amongst the easiest to play and are the most popular ocarina we make. While there is one less hole than the traditional 10-hole ocarina, you’ll find the 9-hole just and entrancing and enjoyable. If you’re looking for a wider range of notes and a bit more complexity, consider the 10-hole ocarina.

Replica Zelda Ocarina

WIth the emblem of Zelda on the mouthpiece, you and everybody else will know this is the real deal. This ocarina is easy to play and learn. It’s perfect for beginners and is the same pitch (“C”) as the one in the game.

Tenor Ocarina

Creating a rich, deep sound, this 9-hole, F-pitch tenor ocarina creates entrancing sounds and is the perfect for for those with larger hands. It’s a wonderful addition to any ocarina collection.

Alto Ocarina

This 9-hole, C-pitched alto ocarina is our most popular size and style. They are perfect for anybody 8 years of age and up. Available in four distinct colors, you can make sure you always know which ocarina is yours.
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Soprano Ocarina

Hit the high notes of your favorite songs with this F-pitched ocarina. You’ll be amazed at the quality of tone. This ocarina is great for all sized hands, and mkes a great pocket Ocarina.
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10-Hole, Classic Budrio, Italy Style Ocarinas

10-hole ocarinas provide you with one more hole giving you more range in what you can play. The additional range can add a few more songs to your list of favorite tunes.

10-hole ocarinas are a bit harder to learn how to play but they are well worth the additional range.

Replica Zelda Ocarina

The classic Budrio, Italy style 10-hole ocarina is one musicians love. If you’ve played ocarinas before and want more range and love the game os Zelda, this is the model for you.

Alto C-Pitched Ocarina

Same as the 9-hole alto ocarina but with one extra hole providing you more range to play more of your favorite songs. This is a great choice for people who are looking for the look and feel of the original Italian style ocarina.

12-Hole, Japanese style, Ocarina

The twelve hole Ocarina was developed in 1928 in Japan. It extends the range by three notes at the begiining of the scale. The extra range is nice for adding more variety to your playing.

Sweet Potato Ocarinas are instruments dating back to the mid 1800’s in Italy and early 1900’s in the United States. Ocarinas are:

  • Easy to learn

  • Easy to listen too

  • Easy to maintain

  • Relaxing

  • A great addition to any band

  • Perfect for classrooms

  • A unique part of history

    • Three sizes are available based on the sound you’re looking for and the size of your hand. The ocarina sizing chart will help you decide which size is best for you if the octave of the Ocarina does not matter.