About Sixth Street Ocarina

Chris Heuer is the Master Ocarina-Maker, with more than 40 years experience as a ceramic artist including 20 years of ocarina making experience.

We have produced over 25,000 ocarinas through the years and have happy customers all over the world.

Sixth Street Ocarina -located in Columbia, Missouri – is a family business dedicated to offering a unique line of high quality handmade ceramic ocarinas.

Owned by Chris Heuer and Amy Lake, they work as a great team and keep the quality of every ocarina they produce their number one priority. Amy is the Business Manager while Chris designs all the ocarinas and is the main production Potter.

Passion Goes Into Every Ocarina ! We take pride in being part of the ocarina making tradition that started in Italy in the mid 1800's.

Sixth Street Ocarina uses a variety of clay working techniques to make their products including wheel throwing, hand building, slab work, and press molding. All of our glazes and decorations are lead free, non-toxic and washable.

To ensure rich and full sound, each ocarina is individually tuned so it will play an accurate musical scale in the key of C or F. The ocarinas are tuned to A 440 Hz concert pitch.This is done by playing the ocarina and adjusting the hole sizes in the leather hard ,bone dry and bisque state.

Time is spent to hand decorate or glaze all the ocarinas , so each one is a unique piece of art in addition to a great playing musical instrument.We take a picture of each ocarina so the one you see is the one you receive.

Others agree passion and care goes into each instrument.