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The Ocarina Network-ocarina discussion and forums from around the world

Clayzeness Whistleworks-Richard and Sandi of Clayzeness whistleworks make fine Ocarinas and have done a lot of work to bring the Ocarina Community together. They started the Yahoo Ocarina chat Group listed below and have a great links page.

Yahoo Ocarina Club-A great place to learn more about all aspects of Ocarinas

Fabio Menaglio - Current Master Ocarina Maker in Budrio,Italy

George Kelischek- Maker of ocarinas, penny whistles, gemshorns and many other wind instruments. Also publishes  a variety of music books for these instruments.

Ocarina Originators-Their site contains a lot of great information about ocarina history and general information about the instrument, especially in the four-hole "English style" system.

K. Dunster- Ocarinas in whimsical shapes like mermaids and such.

Ocarina Room-Kenji Ogawa is a Japanese ocarina maker and player.  He created this page to share his knowledge and experience, lots of great information.  Be aware that it is translated from Japanese to English, so the wording isn't perfect in places, but it is under editing.

Janie Rezner-a real Renaissance woman, she's a writer, musician, and sculptor. This links to the page showcasing her beautiful double and triple chamber ocarinas.

Songbird Ocarina-Los Angeles-based ocarina maker with a variety of unique styles and accessories like ocarina stands or carry cases.

Linda P. Stauffer-American artist, the link will take you directly to her amazing animal-shaped ocarinas

Hind Musical Instruments-Charlie Hind has been making beautiful single and double ocarinas in wood for over 30 years.  He has some wonderful short videos demonstrating his double ocarinas.

"The Clay Pot That Sings"-Article by Ray Dessy from the March 2001 issue of American Recorder that talks about the history of ocarinas, as well as the physics of how they play.

The Whistleworks-Handmade 6-hole ocarinas in a variety of adorable animal shapes, both pendant-style and freestanding.

The Goose-Japanese ocarina band, lists concert information, and sound clips from performances.

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