Bass Ocarina - Stone Glaze

Bass Ocarina - Stone Glaze

All our Bass Ocarinas are wheel thrown.

The advantage of wheel throwing these extra large Ocarinas is that it gives them very thin walls that allow for smaller finger hole sizes in the tuning process  which makes getting the hole covered possible for more people. This makes these large ocarinas lighter which makes them easier to hold up when they are played. 

Large Bass Ocarinas are a unique ocarina playing experience and can complete an ocarina collection.

This Ocarina plays 15 notes. Its range is Bb3 to C#5. Measures 9 × 6 1/4 inches.Most adults will be able to cover the holes on this Ocarina.The price includes instructions / fingering chart and 15 songs to get you started.These include Zelda’s Lullaby ,Saria’s song ,Requiem of Spirit, Nocturne of Shadow and Minuet of Woods. More songs are available in our songbook.


Bass Ocarina Hedwig's Theme

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