Sixth Street Ocarina Songbook

Sixth Street Ocarina Songbook

How great would it be to play your favorite tunes on the Ocarina? Now you can! Our songbook includes a history of the ocarina, beginning and advanced ocarina instruction,complete fingering charts for 5,6,9,10,and 12 hole ocarinas.Along with 49 songs in standard musical notation along with a play by the number system and guitar cords.The songs include 13 of your favorite Zelda songs like Zelda’s lullaby,Epona’s song,Song of time,Song of storms and Saria’s song.

Please note: There are two different prices for the book.

 One is for purchasing  the book with an ocarina and that is $3.95 and the book will be shipped with your Ocarina.

The book alone is $11.99 which includes shipping via USPS first class mail .

Please make you selection from the menu above before adding it to your cart.Thanks 

Also note that this book is also available as a downloadable Ebook in PDF.

Click on the link below to reach the EBook/PDF version of the book.

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