When you still don’t have enough budget to allocate for a whole kitchen remodel now, you can still do a lot of ways to achieve a kitchen that you will both want to invite others into and spend time in. Regardless if you’re a renter or a property owner, some of the following kitchen improvements can make your kitchen the heart of your home. Keep on reading below to know-how: 

Water filter installation 

You can help revitalize your health by installing a purifying water filter to the most used top of a residence. Even though this may not be the most apparent feature in your kitchen, the health benefits it provides can bring new value to your area.  

A well-functional water purifier can be one of the several kitchen improvements you can do for your kitchen area. Eliminating the unhealthy additives and pollutants to water can help refresh both your home and the people residing in it.  

New paint color 

If you think the color of your kitchen seems depressing and dark, perhaps now is the time to bring up the mood a bit. Painting the walls of your kitchen a fresh or brighter color can bring more light into your room.  

New finish or paint for cabinets can be a less costly way to create a new life into space as well. Ensure to take out any existing hardware and eliminate the cabinet doors before you paint these to guarantee smooth edges and even coat.  

Changes in cabinet and draw hardware 

Changing the cabinet and drawer pulls can make a different mood in the kitchen. It’s possible that the only improvement that your room needs are to swap out cabinet pulls for the various finish. There are a lot of various types, such as those with porcelain, wood carved, antiqued brass or gold, and a modern silver finish.  

Cabinet and draw pull are available in several various designs that can help you easily pick one that mirrors the design or theme that you want to pull into your kitchen. Take note of how your current pulls are installed, and search for hardware that can fit in the same way to prevent any unattractive holes.  

Incorporating a rug 

When you have an uninspiring kitchen floor, or it just does not come up to par with your inspiration, you can instantly make your kitchen area cozier by placing a rug. Truly, other kitchen enhancements start from the ground up and the subtle changes of things.  

A rug can be both inviting and functional. Putting a smaller rug in front of your kitchen sink can make your kitchen area more comfortable to wash and rinse your dishes. Placing a rug beneath your dining room table or kitchen workbench can accentuate and separate the area of the room.  

Install new storage 

You can use the racks installed under your cabinets to both display tea mugs and coffee and store them. A magnetized spice rack on your fridge or a new spice rack can make the essential items be creatively seen in plain sight.